Nia Hardaker

A photo of Nia Hardaker

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Nia, I have a background in Social Work, mainly within Children Services over the past 20+ years! I am particularly interested in championing positive outcomes for looked after children and those in need of support, someone to be along side them.

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

I am passionate about TIS and want delegates to enjoy the sense of community that we are building and have fun on the course whilst learning about this exciting, meaningful approach. I love going for walks in this beautiful area of the world and being near the sea or waterfalls! 

Favourite joke?

A few little jokes to make you smile! What did the sea say to the sand? Nothing, it just waved 👋  My children are very optimistic… every glass they leave around the house seems to be half full

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