TIS Wales Trainers

Well hello. A warm Welsh welcome to Trauma Informed Schools Wales!

We sit within the wider organisation of Trauma Informed Schools UK. We started delivering training in Wales in 2018 with a small group of curious school based colleagues. 5 years on, we have practitioners changing children and young people's lives in every county of Wales. Teachers, social workers, foster carers, health workers, CAMHS workers, senior leaders, local authority officers, education welfare officers, educational psychologists.. and probably some I've missed (sorry!). You can hear their opinions over on our testimonials page.

TISUK aims to deliver high quality training which enables practitioners to create safe, supportive environments in schools, communities, and other organisations, with a focus on helping all children and especially the more vulnerable ones. Training in Wales is delivered through Cwtch Consulting Ltd. We (the team) are mostly self-employed, have a diverse range of backgrounds and a collective passion for ensuring change, for children and young people.

Trauma is a life event that no one ever helped you make sense of. Our brains adapt accordingly which creates problems with the adaptation in every day life for body, mind and brain. By providing children and young people with daily support from emotionally available adults, intervening early to spot and address difficulties, promoting respectful relationships, fostering calm and safe spaces, valuing each child, adjusting expectations, and enhancing communication skills, we aim to build an army of kind and compassionate practitioners.

The ultimate goal is to empower children and young people to overcome challenges, build true resilience, and develop positive life stories, with positive mental well-being thereby creating compassionate communities.

Come join us?

TIS Wales is the Welsh regional arm of TISUK. For more information on TISUK visit the link below.

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