Emily Barlow

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Emily, I’m a senior trainer and supervisor for TIS and a freelance integrative therapist and school consultant. Brought to TIS following 15 years in therapy and education, in all kinds of roles - teaching assistant all the way to executive head - with thoroughly brilliant children and inspiring staff and parents. I live in Crystal Palace, London, but you should know that my grandma was Welsh and I grew up in Chester (which is close!). Other than TIS, I love to sing in the community choir I’ve been part of for nearly 10 years and to practise my dance moves with my two children (you should see me do the robot 🤖). 

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

I want delegates to know that even looking to go on this course, to want to be the difference in the lives of children, is a meaningful step and I’m looking forward to seeing you for day 1!

Favourite joke?


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