Jane Aubrey

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Tell us a bit about yourself

Hiya I’m Jane a TIS trainer in Wales and England! I live in Cornwall but have roots in wales! I arrived into this training from a 20 year career in education and in more recent years therapeutic support for children, young people, parents and schools! I became inspired by this work as I began to see that relational connection and intervention had the most transformative impact on the young people I worked with! These gorgeous, courageous, mischievous, talented children/ young people taught me to understand their stories, know who they are, hurry slowly with them, hold them in my heart and have incredible exceptions for the who they are. This then led me to an incredible bunch of humans ( the welsh TIS team) all singing the same tune and the most transformative training I have ever been part of, TIS. To then become a trainer and have the honour of delivering it sits deeply in my heart. To train passionate, determined like minded people who change the lives of others is just inspiring, aspirational and special!

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

If you are considering doing this training what I would say ‘jump into it and find out for yourself’ . The training is fun, I imagine you’ll laugh, your heart will be touched, you’ll find out more about yourself, you’ll make connections and it will impact your relationships with the children you teach/ support/ care for. It’s absolutely incredible training and I consider myself lucky to be part of it! 

Favourite joke?

Have you heard about the magic tractor? It turned into a field!!!

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