Mary Francis

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm Mary, a TIS trainer, supervisor and counsellor. Over the years I have worked with both children and adults who have experienced trauma in settings including a rape and sexual abuse centre, a hospice and a low cost community service.  My family is from Southern Ireland and I have spent many a night travelling through and staying in Wonderful Wales on my way to the ferries! I love living by the sea, wine and cheese, my dog Rosie, my family and going on adventures to discover new places. 

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

Know that the content of these courses are really powerful and throughout the course at times you may be both shocked and reassured, saddened and optimistic, enlightened and overwhelmed but hopefully at the end will feel energised and empowered with your new skills and knowledge to change children's lives in a profoundly positive way.

Favourite joke?

I am very good friends with twenty five letters of the alphabet but I don't know why!

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