Pascale Chaudhary

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Tell us a bit about yourself

Hello! I'm Pascale, a TIS trainer, based near Newport, South Wales. My background is in Primary education, boarding, children's theatre and nannying. I've had a rather wiggly path in terms of my career and somehow found myself in the midst of this incredible organisation that I feel so proud to be part of.  When I'm not TIS-ing, I like to get lost on hikes with my dog, be around people I love and sing in a choir.

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

I invite anyone who embarks upon a TIS journey of their own to do so on two levels - professional and personal, as it can truly be life changing. 

Favourite joke?

My favourite joke goes like this..."knock knock" I say, you say "who's there?", "the interrupting starfish" say I, you say "the interrupting starfish who?" and as you do I interrupt you by putting my hand in front of your face, like a starfish! ...not sure how well this one translates into written word?!

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