Vanessa Jenkins

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I'm Vanessa Jenkins aka VJ, Senior Trainer for TISUK/TIS Wales. Still pinching myself being here after joining this amazing team from a long time in education where I was and still am passionate about improving the lives for children and teenagers against the odds that many of them face. (And a stint as a Research Chemist!). I live in beautiful Waterfall country in Neath where I can be found walking with my dog, or at the top of a snowy mountain with skis on my feet trying to find the fastest way down (not in Neath though!). 

What do you want everyone to know about TIS courses?

For me TIS is the missing piece of the jigsaw that we seek to help us understand how to respond appropriately to young people and help them find their voice. It's life changing and life affirming.

Favourite joke?

Why don't people tell a lot of chemistry jokes? They are scared of the reaction!

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